"It started as a mission with Barry Mottershead, Conor Maguire, and Ian Jermyn, who have organized a local community in Ireland to explore its northern coastline," says Kepa Acero. "Barry and photographer Christian McLeod told me that the forecast looked good for a few waves they knew of in Northern Ireland, and that they were going to camp out and explore the area in kayaks. The flight was incredibly simple from Spain, and I couldn't pass up the adventure,
so I bought my ticket."

Spot Check
Kepa & Kayaker

"I checked Google Earth beforehand, and you could see some banks, but I honestly didn't know what to expect. The first morning, we paddled out with our kayaks and surfboards, and when I saw the lineup, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It was a lefthand pointbreak at a rivermouth, completely empty. It was like a dream. There still are places like this around the world, if you're willing to look hard enough."

Evening Paddle-Out
Toes On The Nose

"A beautiful part about Ireland is the small, committed community that tests this coastline," Acero says. "There are so many swell directions and so many wind options, but the conditions are unforgiving, so not many people are out there braving the elements and exploring. Most Europeans would decide to go to a country like Morocco during the wintertime because it's a warmer spot with a near-guarantee of waves. Nothing about Ireland is easy, especially in the north. But the surfers who look to the north are the people who look for adventure."

Underwater 2
Starry Night