The crew

Summertime flats got you down? Harken back to a neoprene-clad strike mission in New York and New Jersey with Balaram Stack, Dusty Payne, and Pat Schmidt, who scored empty sandbars and snuck into East Coast green rooms. Here, Balaram, Pat, and Dusty practice their tube stances.


Balaram on an above-ground bullet train.


An 18-hour road trip up and down the coast requires full control of the steering wheel. The ability to grip it in unforgiving temperatures helps.


Dusty Payne finds a whole new world inside a cold barrel.


After checking every single jetty in New Jersey, some of Pat's best waves of the trip were straight out in front of his house.


There are often long hours spent roaming for waves in the Northeast.
Pat, enjoying the payoff.


Balaram puts on a backside clinic.


Dusty, no apparent trouble adjusting to a 5-mil.

Group shot

The mission north begins, with neoprene to spare.

Long walk

A wave so long that paddling back wasn't an option if you got it all the way through, says Pat. Just a quick and cold half-mile stroll back up the point.


Dusty rips the top off a very un-Fiji left.

Balaram & Pat

Balaram and Pat on the lookout during an icy walk.


Dead ringer for Macaronis, minus the pine trees and the rubber.


"Bal ran way further up the point than the rest of us," says Pat. "After 20 minutes of rolling around on the rocks, and a few dings later, he came flying around the corner on this gem."


Plan your course right, and an unassuming backroad can lead to empty lineups for hours on end. Dusty, no competition for these spoils.


Pat spins the dial on the open face.


Logan Landry, one of the local rippers from Canada's eastern coastline, met up with the crew and climbed straight into thin air.


The rare blip of sunshine is best accompanied by a mink-fur hat for the walk.


Few Northeasterners have their finger on the pulse of every regional swell
quite like Balaram.


The group finds a spot shielded from the wind, which notched up the bearability from freezing to slightly less freezing.

Drying off

A makeshift wetsuit dryer.


One of the last beauties before the swell turned off, over too quickly, as they all are.