Diego Santos.

It's more than just another plane ride. It's more than just another few weeks spent in a just another tropical location. It's more than just coconuts and warm breezes.

Because Hawaii has a unique way of simultaneously charming you, and yet continually demanding respect to those who inhabit it, whether full-time, or just for the winter season. And that wonderful time of year has only just begun.

Hawaii season, for us here at SURFING, means covering the melting pot of high-action surfing that only these astonishing few miles of coastline can deliver. It means capturing mesmerizing photos, dazzling video and captivating stories. It means Mai Tais, and 7'6"s, and hitchhiking our way to Turtle Bay. But more importantly, it means delivering this all to you. So, here's the first installment – a beautifully-incohesive batch of photos from our time here so far. Do enjoy, and expect to hear back from us soon.

All photos by Corey Wilson, Scotty Hammonds and Tannery Carney.

Matt Wilkinson.
Mitch Crews.
Koa Smith.
Lucas Godfrey.
Landon Macnamara.
Jet Schilling.
Sammy Pupo.
Yadin Nichol.
Photo: Seth de Roulet
Gavin Beschen.
Finn McGill.
Jack Baker.
Dane Guduaskas
Crosby Colapinto.
Crosby Colapinto.