• Teams must consist of 4 team members: two shop employees and two shop team riders.
  • There will be a minimum of 6 teams per each regional location (depending on entries).


Employee Qualification 

  • Both shop employees must work at the same shop location and spend at least 50% of their time on the shop floor.
  • Shop employees must submit proof of employment for at least 3 months (20 hours per month) with entry form- must include a current pay stub.
  • Each participating shop must be an Oakley authorized dealer.



  • Heats will consist of 3 to 5 team heats also depending on entries.
  • Each heat will be approximately 60 minutes in duration depending on conditions.
  • Heat duration will be determined before the first heat.


Surfing Order

  • Teams must submit their roster order and double whammy to the event director (Darren Brilhart) no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of their heat.
  • Teams may not change their order after the heat has begun.



  • Top 3 (or 4) waves can be ridden and each surfers best 1 (or 2) waves will be counted for the teams overall point total.
  • Wave count will vary depending on conditions and will be decided before the event starts.


Double Whammy

  • Each team will choose one double whammy team member,
  • He can choose one wave where he gets double points for that wave,
  • He must claim it by raising both hands within 15 seconds after he kicks out or falls off to be awarded the “double whammy” score. Once he paddles back out or goes to the beach, he can not claim double whammy for that wave.



  • Team advancement will be by round, highest point totals moves on and lowest point totals are eliminated.
  • Rounds will depend on entries as each event may be different.


If there’s a tie

  • Scores will be re-tallied using each competitor’s best wave score (if it’s top two wave score) or 2nd best score (if it’s best one wave score).



  • Only a blatant interference will be called
  • If called, the interfering surfer’s best wave score will be cut in half.



  • If the last team member does not reach the designated competitor box by the end of the heat, there will be a 5 point deduction.