Surfer Magazine’s Oakley Surf Shop Challenge

Originally conceived to provide a fun, competitive format to the hardest of the hardcore surf shop surf teams, the SURFER Shop Team Challenge was one of the most anticipated contest events of the early 1980s. Taking place exclusively in Southern California, the Shop Challenge was an annual opportunity to put sales numbers aside and settle the score in the water.

overviewBridging the gap from the era of pink wetsuits and ’80s music, the Shop Challenge has now emerged as one of the hottest contest circuits. You think those pros went hard back in the day? Put a colored jersey on a shop rat, give him 15 minutes to release all that energy pent up from sitting behind the counter, mix in the already-intense regional competition between surf shops, and you have all the makings of a battle royale.

The competition will be fierce as more than 70 teams compete across six regions for a chance to take the glory home for their shop. If that’s not motivation enough, the winning team from each of the regions (Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northwest, Hawaii, West and the Southeast) will duke it out for the overall title during the Championship this Fall in Nicaragua. We’re also giving a spread in SURFER Magazine to the winning team . And then there’s the bragging rights.

•  Full-page spread in SURFER Magazine
•  $5,000

Each regional champion receives:
• All-expense paid trip to the National Championships in Nicaragua
• Oakley Sunglasses
• Full-page shop profile in SURFER Magazine

Surfer Magazine’s Oakley Surf Shop Challenge would also like to thank its supporting sponsors: NixonReefBody GloveFutures FinsMerge4Mark & Dave’s 

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