While visiting his family in Australia this spring, Bobby Martinez reconnected with his friend Asher Pacey for a tour of the rugged, wave-riddled coastline where Pacey grew up. “Asher lives outside the rat race,” says Martinez. “His lifestyle out in the country is really mellow and away from it all, and it seems like he’s always getting waves. Some people’s idea of a good wave is a mushy right point, but Asher likes to get barreled. When he said it was going to be good, I took his word for it.” The two spent the first day of Martinez’s visit trading massive beachbreak barrels, hooting each other into perfect cylinders like this one Pacey coasted into. “The question was, ‘Which wave do you go on?’” Pacey recalls. “Do you go on one that looks really good? Or do you go on one that looks really, really good? It was a little bit confusing in that respect. [Laughs.] But a good conundrum to have,
for sure.”

All edits courtesy of Logan Dulien / Snapt 3

“It’s so rare to get this spot like this, because windows with the right tide and wind and swell are usually really short,” Pacey says. “So the next day we started checking a few other waves, but then I thought, ‘We really ought to just go check that spot again,’ and it ended up being even better than the day before.”

Pacey has spent years exploring this stretch of coastline, which is evidenced by his comfortable approach in heavy sand-bottom barrels. “It can be a bit unruly at times,” Pacey says. “When you’re a kid, you see these windows and you think, ‘I wish I had someone to surf it with.’ So it was perfect having Bobby there for this swell, which was really consistent and raw and big. We were on the same level, and it was really cool to be able to share that.”

“The pictures don’t even do it justice,” says Martinez (Above). “Just being in the water, Asher (Below) and I were watching these waves everywhere. It was all around. I’ve gotten bigger waves, and I’ve gotten crazier waves, but you can’t really ask for better waves. That was as good as it gets for me. I’ve had no motivation since then. [Laughs.] I’m still content after those two days.”

“This day we saw countless empty waves to either side of us, and we kept going, ‘How’s that one?!’” says Pacey, pictured here. “Our necks were sore from swiveling around checking out all these beautiful, empty waves.”

“I actually wish we’d counted how many barrels we got,” says Martinez, pictured here. “It was two full days of the best beachbreak waves I’ve ever seen anywhere. On every single wave, you knew you were going to get barreled; you just had to read what the wave was going to do. Those were probably the two best days of surfing I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I was talking to Bobby a few days after,” says Pacey, pictured here. “And I asked him, ‘Are you feeling a bit down at the moment?’ We must have hit some pinnacle during that swell, and I felt like I’d come down from that. And Bobby was like, ‘Yeah, I feel the same!’ We were both mildly depressed after being on such a high for those two days. [Laughs.]”

“We were just tapping each other on the shoulder going, ‘Is this real?’” Pacey says. “It was one of those special windows that you know will stay with you for a long time.”

To watch the full session, look out for Snapt 3, premiering summer of 2017