Chopes Locals Indulge in a Tube Feast

Locals Score Teahupo'o

Early last week it seemed like the whole Pacific Ocean had waves, and  Teahupo’o was not left out. In a largely local affair, a crew of chargers traded thick-lipped grinders while Tahiti-based photographer Tim McKenna was there [...]

Slater at Restaurants and Tavarua Rights, Through the Lens of Glaser

Slater's Day Off at Tavarua

Kelly Slater was supposedly poised to make a competitive comeback at the Corona Bali Protected until a big purple and reddish blob heading for his beloved Fiji appeared in the forecast. Imagine the FOMO Slater would’ve felt at Ke[...]

Amidst the Mayhem in West Oz

Amidst the Mayhem in West Oz

Between the shark attacks and overall drama surrounding the Margaret River Pro this year, some the world’s best were able put the worst-case scenarios out of their minds and just go surfing-which is something the Western Australi[...]

Full Gallery: Adrift with the Vanguard

Full Gallery: Adrift with the Vanguard

Last summer, filmmaker Thomas Campbell invited a group of surfers to join him on an Indonesian boat trip to gather footage for his upcoming film. Campbell has always documented surfers who draw idiosyncratic lines and who have an openn[...]

Fickle Puerto Rican Spots Light Up

Puerto Rico Goes Off

After sending tubes galore to the Atlantic seaboard, Winter Storm Riley took a tropical vacation to Puerto Rico where it decided to trade gloomy, silty cylinders for turquoise tubes. Some of the island’s fickle spots, like Gas Ch[...]

Riley Lights Up New York and New Jersey

A Gallery of Bomb Cyclone Riley

Riley is a beast. What started as a snow storm in the upper midwest underwent “bombogenesis” off the coast of New England during an extreme drop in pressure, transforming Riley into a “bomb cyclone.” Thus far, R[...]