Beasts of the Oregon Coast

Beasts of the Oregon Coast

There are a plenty of places around the world that are warmer, more easily accessible and generally more hospitable than Oregon’s heaviest breaks. But when a long period NW swell formed over Thanksgiving weekend, a group of inter[...]

All To Yourself

Photos: All To Yourself

Dane Reynolds, El Salvador. Photo: Matthews Vinicius Pereira, Indonesia. Photo: Craig Unidentified, Indonesia. Photo: Craig Alex Knost, Baja, Mexico. Photo: Ellis Alex Knost, Baja, Mexico. Photo: Ellis Dan Ross, Scotland. Photo: Mackin[...]

Autumn Serenade

Photos: Autumn Serenade

Give us SoCal natives a fall combo swell, light offshores, and clean, peaky wedges, and we’re happy. Much of Southern California partook in the seasonal delights of fall last week, even as temperatures were unseasonably high. How[...]

Showcase: Kenny Hurtado

Showcase: Kenny Hurtado

[This feature originally appeared in the 58.5 Issue of SURFER, “Community”] Few young artists avoid the anxiety of influence. Southern California photographer Kenny Hurtado—who picked up a camera while taking photography [...]

A Strong Island Swell

Photos: A Strong Island Swell

This year’s hurricane season on the East Coast hasn’t been a matter of If, but a matter of Who, with Irma, Jose, and more recently Maria booking extended stays in the Western Atlantic. But until a week and a half ago, the m[...]