Look Through the Lens of the World’s Best Underwater Surf Photographer

Photog Ben Thouard's Underwater World

“SURFACE,” a ROAM Original, is the story of how award-winning photographer Ben Thouard discovered a new perspective on how to view our world--underwater through the back of a breaking wave. Thouard’s love of the ocean[...]

The Female Gaze

Women's Surfing, Through Her Lens

For decades, professional surf photography has typically been seen as a man's game. Why? There's no reason at all that men should dominate the surf-shooting business. But like any other field, once it's been established as a boy's club[...]

Chopes Locals Indulge in a Tube Feast

Locals Score Teahupo'o

Early last week it seemed like the whole Pacific Ocean had waves, and  Teahupo’o was not left out. In a largely local affair, a crew of chargers traded thick-lipped grinders while Tahiti-based photographer Tim McKenna was there [...]

Amidst the Mayhem in West Oz

Amidst the Mayhem in West Oz

Between the shark attacks and overall drama surrounding the Margaret River Pro this year, some the world’s best were able put the worst-case scenarios out of their minds and just go surfing-which is something the Western Australi[...]