Whether it’s due to good fortune, spot-on forecasting or the fact that the competitors get to vote if the contest runs or not, the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout always seems to run in absolutely pumping Pipe conditions. Last year when Koa Rothman won the event–a unique, jersey-less, four-man-team format contest at Pipe/Backdoor that spotlights Hawaii’s top watermen (plus a few international invites)–the waves were deemed some of the best the invitational has ever seen. But as you’ll see in the photos above from the past two days, this year’s event is stacking up to be one for the record books as well.

Thanks to a pulsing west swell, the past couple days have served up some of the best Backdoor waves all season, making this year’s Pipe Masters look like a sad, small-wave affair. In between second-reef wash-throughs, the waves have been hugging the reef perfectly and the performances have been blue-ribbon. The event’s only halfway through but the notable performances so far have come from the usual suspects: Koa and Makua Rothman, Kaimana Henry, Mason Ho, Eli Olson, Noa Deane, Balaram Stack and more.

The contest is currently in Round 4 and will probably run through Monday. Check back again for a final’s day roundup.