When the forecast for Lagundri Bay started to look promising earlier this week with two big back-to-back swells heading straight towards Nias–SURFER staff photographer Ryan “Chachi” Craig hopped on a flight to Indo, ready to shoot the blue and green double-ups.

As did Koa Rothman and the rest of Hawaii’s band of merry tube hunters. As far as we know, Rothman and his crew have yet to miss a swell this summer that yielded throaty barrels. So far they’ve scored Cloudbreak, Skeleton Bay and now firing Nias. Check out the photos above of Koa Smith, Nathan Florence, Billy Kemper, and more racing for the exit. It wasn’t all clean escapes though, unfortunately Smith came up short on a heavy one and suffered a “beautiful song” inducing concussion after his head met the reef, he’s alive and recovering.

According to Chachi, the locals had the wave dialed and had no problems scratching into multiple heaving double-ups. Check out Rahel Wau, Jackson Wau and Jo Jo put their local knowledge to use and thread some tubes on their home turf. Based on the forecast, and social media reports already trickling in, bigger waves are starting to hit right now.

All photos by Ryan Craig.

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