Back in March, we hopped across the Atlantic with Dane Reynolds for a profile feature in our “Influencers” issue (click here to read the full profile, “Mind Control”), and met up with fellow phenoms Craig Anderson, Brendon Gibbens, and local boy Nic von Rupp on the other side in Ericeira, Portugal.

Truth be told, we didn’t score classic Supertubos, or bone-rattling barrels at The Cave, but surfers like Reynolds and co. don’t really need an all-time swell or perfect conditions to put on a show. If you give them a shoulder-high left and some crumbly onshore winds, you just might see the most impressive punt you’ve ever witnessed.

In the two weeks that followed, the trip became a blur of boily reefs, Portuguese castles, feathering air sections, strange encounters with owls, and more hi-fi surfing than you can shake a 5’10” thruster at. Oh, and plenty of post-surf Sagres, of course. Above you’ll find peak moments of a few of the most electric freesurfers in the world today, as captured by SURFER photo editor Grant Ellis.