Joel Tudor has brought 32 of the best loggers in the world to the South China Sea where they will compete in the freewheeling ode to traditional longboarding contests, the Duct Tape Invitational. In a few hours, the hooter will sound and the event will be underway. In the meantime, take a look through a few photos taken during the freesurfs that have gone down so far. Looks like there are some fun little peelers rolling into Riyue Bay this week.

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Stay tuned to SURFER for a documentary covering the event.

Vans Duct Tape Invitational Invitees
(in alphabetical order)

Men's Division
Alex Knost
Andy Nieblas
Blake Michaels
Grant Noble
Harrison Roach
Jared Mell
Justin Quintal
Kyle Perez
Myles Doughman
Tie Zhuang
Tom Payne
Tory Elmore
Tyler Warren
Yuta Sezutsu
Yuzuru Shinjo
Zach Flores

Women's Division
Chloe Calmon
Hallie Rhor
Hiroka Yoshikawa
Honolua Blomfield
Karina Rozunko
Kelis Kaleopaa
Lola Mignot
Makala Smith
Mason Schremmer
Monica Guo
Roisin Carolan
Sierra Lerback
Summer Richley
Timmei Chou
Tory Gilkerson
Victoria Vergara

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