Hurricane Gert just crossed the North Atlantic a few hours ago, but not without leaving its mark up the east coast of the U.S. Even though the storm’s path remained well off the coast for most of its sojourn next to the continent, Gert — the first Category 2 storm of the early season — sent ripples through the northeast, with the hardest-hit areas in New York and New Jersey. “It was the best hurricane swell in New Jersey since Irene,” said Sam Hammer. “It was non-stop good waves all day long.”

“This swell was great,” added New Jersey’s Mike Gleason. “It was like a winter swell size, and power-wise, it felt as strong as one, but in 75-degree water.”

Even the Outer Banks picked up a pulse from the (very) short swell window.

“The winds were really light this whole swell, which is pretty rare,” says Hatteras Island photographer Daniel Pullen. “Early last week was a little disappointing because we thought it would have filled in more. But by the afternoon, it looked like a totally different day. We are getting beach nourishment right now, so we have a pretty cool sand bank that was working well for the swell.

“I woke up the next day, and it’s back to summertime surf.”