Lombok, Indonesia. Photo: D'Orey
Lombok, Indonesia. Photo: D'Orey

Exposure: Peaking

Standout moments in the lives of waves (and the surfers who ride them)

Brendon Gibbens, Ericeira, Portugal. Photo: Ellis

Rob Machado, San Diego, California. Photo: Glaser

Craig Anderson, South Coast, Australia. Photos: Frank

Mikey Wright, Western Australia. Photo: Shield

Joel Parkinson, New South Wales, Australia. Photo: Grambeau

Tanner Gudauskas, Orange County, California. Photo: Glaser

Tyler Wright, Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Shield

Yadin Nicol, Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Frieden

Mason Ho, Lombok, Indonesia. Photo: D’Orey

Jay Davies, Western Australia. Photo: Feast

[This feature originally appeared in SURFER 58.4, “Life & Death of Waves,” on newsstands and available for download now.]