Southern-hemi chargers were on high-alert early this week as a number of lows spun down from the south Atlantic to South Africa’s Hout Bay, pushing purple blobs back to Dungeons. “Twiggy [Baker] and I had been watching this swell for a while, noting the period, obviously,” says photographer Ant Fox. “But what was fundamental was the lack of winds that without fail accompany a swell with such a high period as this. For over a week, the charts showed very little change in either, which often change within a couple of days of the swell’s arrival, so we knew we were on a few days before.” From familiar standouts like Twiggy, Frank Solomon, Josh Redman, Mike Schlebach, and Jake Kolnik, to newcomers like Adrien Toyon to Oliver Morris, coldwater bombs were on tap for everyone wanting to brave the sharky lineup for a booming thrill.