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Mainland Burn

Alex Gray and Nate Zoller trade wind tunnels in Mainland Mexico

Mainland Mexico covers more than a few kilometers, so of course Puerto Escondido hasn’t been the only spot that’s been pumping this month. Photographer Isaac Zoller met up with brother Nate and Alex Gray to roll the dice on a trusted right point. No elephant guns. No crowds. Just a hunch that flexing beachbreaks aren’t the only places to potentially score your barrel of the season. We reached out to Isaac and asked him to run us through the memorable run of swell.

“We booked our tickets less than a week before the swell hit. We were still very skeptical as we packed our boards. Even upon landing in Mexico, we had no idea if the winds would be in our favor. The afternoon we arrived, the spots looked big, but not as perfect as we had expected. The morning after we arrived was a different story. We woke up at dark and drove to the point. As we walked down the muddy, mosquito-infested road, we could hear the thundering roar of waves breaking in the distance.

After a 30-minute trek, we quickly realized we had made the right call. For the next six hours, we surfed and documented nearly every wave that came through. Alex and Nate had surfed this wave before and knew how to pick the right ones. It seemed like they were on every good wave. It was so consistent that by midday, nobody could surf any longer due to fatigue.

As we walked away from the point, thinking it had shut off, another perfect, six-wave set rolled through, with nobody out. The next day was a touch smaller, but still very powerful. Everyone was more prepared for what was to come. The previous day of surfing gave everyone more confidence in their surfing abilities and equipment. Some people out there got the waves of their lives in those two days. The risk paid off and the reward was that much sweeter. We were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.”