You know that cheesy, old adage about home being where the heart is? Well, cheesy or not, every surfer who's ever hit the road and found a wave perfectly suited to their approach knows that on some level that's true. Although the surfy version of that saying would go something like this: when you find a wave you connect with, put in the time to truly understand its idiosyncrasies and earn the respect of its locals, then it can feel every bit as familiar and affecting as your homebreak. Not quite as catchy as the original, but no less true.

The above gallery (which you can find in the most recent issue of SURFER) is a window into how certain waves can so strongly resonate with us, featuring a handful of surfers who've spent years getting to know their specific siren-like break as humble visitors, paying their dues until eventually each of their pilgrimages started to feel like a homecoming.