All photos by Seth de Roulet

With a fun run of winter swell from the north rolling its way down California’s coastline throughout the week, Rincon started showing her true colors. The swell attracted California ‘CTer Conner Coffin to take advantage of the Snapper-esque walls in preparation for his 2019 campaign. Backhand maestros Bobby Martinez and Parker Coffin showed up to bash some lips as well, wanting to free some fins down the leg-burning righthander. Behold a gallery of the Queen of the Coast’s royal action.

Bobby Martinez’ backside attack down a Rincon wall is a thing of beauty. Photo by Seth de Roulet

Imagine Conner Coffin’s view at this very moment.

No takers on this gift from the Queen.

Rail burier, Conner Coffin. Photo by Seth de Roulet

Parker Coffin gets inverted while driving through the pocket.

With his fins free, Parker gives Rincon’s coping a slide.

Rincon tossed a ramp at Pat Gudauskas and he much obliged.

One vaporized lip courtesy of Conner.