All photos by Todd Glaser

This winter is certainly shaping up to be a lot better than last year’s– in California, at least. Although the skies may have been partly cloudy recently, swell lit up The Golden State’s coast for an incredible week of waves. SURFER staff photographer Todd Glaser spent a morning at San Diego’s most photogenic beachbreak during the latest run of swell, shooting surf action from the water and the dramatic sunrise that preceded the session. Give the selects a scroll.

Staring down a glassy barrel.

Checking the surf as the sunrise ignites the sky.

Tyler Sande bottom turns into one gorgeous wall of water.

Surfers begin their 300-foot descent to punch-packing tubes powered by a submarine canyon.

Sunday brunch or this? The latter please.

David Suhadolnik drops into a clean barrel. Glaser nails the shot from an angle that usually costs a flogging.

Sometimes you have to pay the piper. JD Lewis carries his receipt up the trail, hopefully with the memory of a spitting barrel or two attached to it.

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