On Australia’s Gold Coast, Sunday saw a bit of summer magic with most of the local surf community hanging beachside, soaking in fresh pulses from Cyclone Gita. With what looked like an endless supply of freight-train rights, jet ski teams whipped A-grade pros like Joel Parkinson and Taj Burrow into some of the best sections, setting up their lines a hundred yards out the back while the common man made the grueling paddle, hoping for someone to fall or for a ski to potentially take a bad line.

And there were certainly a few ill-advised lines taken on jet skis. Gold Coast shaper to the stars Darren Handley found himself in a pickle after whipping someone in for a step off and struggling to find an exit to the wave. Handley manhandled his PWC like a bucking bronco, until alas he was thrown off when the ski took a nosedive. Allegedly, no one was hurt, and the only thing damaged was the towed surfer’s chances of getting the tube of the day.

Don't quit your day job @dhdsurf 😂

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