At the Vans Duct Tape Festival in Haleiwa on Thursday, local surfers got to scope out and ride the latest foam-and-fiberglass creations by a handful of freethinking freesurfers. The designs ranged from a 9’2″, Magic-Sam-inspired log by Alex Knost to a 6’0″ Dumpster Diver-offshoot by Wade Goodall to a tailored-for-punts 5’5″ by Nathan fletcher.

Each shaper brought a spectrum of influences and varying levels of experience to the table. Goodall was putting planer to foam for the first time with his two handshapes, while Fletcher has made upwards of 100 boards over the years and Knost shapes nearly all of his own boards. But regardless of shaping expertise, everyone on hand for the event seemed to work just fine.

“These were my first handshapes, but even I've gotten some good reports back,” says Goodall. “But then again, no one is gonna come up and say, ‘You're board's shit, you idiot!’ [Laughs.] But yeah, I wanna keep going, for sure. Handshaping is a hard process, but I'm hyped up to try to build more boards and refine things a bit.”

[All photos by Grant Ellis]