All eyes have been glued to Namibia the last two weeks, where images from Skeleton Bay have paired hyperbole with reality. After groups of surfers cycled through roping South African barrels for days on end, some — Andrew Jacobson, Landon McNamara and Luke Davis, to name a few — hopped on a plane to Tahiti for a building SSW swell, and a relatively uncrowded lineup.

“The swell was super-fun albeit pretty slow,” says photographer Domenic Mosqueira. “There were long waits between waves, but when they did show, they were solid and clean. We seem to be getting these swells that peak overnight, unfortunately, but it makes for some beautiful mornings.”

“The locals were on some of the best waves; Matehau Tetopata kept sitting out the back and waiting for the biggest ones,” Mosqueira continues. “Matahi [Drollet] got a really long one at the beginning of the swell and was on the foamball the whole way. Landon [McNamara] also seemed to find his rhythm out here and got some beauties. This was a good run, and we can’t wait for the next big swell.”