It’s beginning to look a lot like fall season in Southern California, but that doesn’t mean the fruits of a Southern Hemi are any less sweet. The coastline is currently picking up hints of a combo NW swell as the current SSW fades, the same energy that stirred up breaks all week from Northern Los Angeles down to Oceanside.

“I really did not know how my morning was going to turn out as I was out of town on a shoot and disengaged from the forecast,” says Malibu-based photographer Steven Lippman about last week. “When I got to the beach, it was still dark, but I could hear the surf, and it sounded like it was unloading in some shallow water. The boys and I were pumped to get out there. The session was a short-lived one as the tide came in and swamped it. But for a few hours, it was really fun.”

Here’s a collection of the crossed-up peaks and glassed-off tubes from the week, featuring Yadin Nicol, Pat and Tanner Gudauskas, Taylor Clark, and more.