When a surfer is scrolling through a social feed or flipping through a magazine, it’s practically impossible for them to not pause and marvel at the elegant work of photographer Todd Glaser. Why? Because Glaser’s photos look like they’ve been ripped right out of a surfer’s most paradisiacal wave-riding fantasy. They resonate on a subconscious level.

Glaser will be showing his work at the Pendry Hotel in San Diego this Friday. If you think his work is stunning on a screen, wait until you see it in person, or better yet, on your wall. He’ll be displaying limited edition prints as well as prints on acrylics and metal. “A mixed medium of art if you will,” Glaser describes the show. “Some of the images are from the Proximity series while others were shot as recently as last month.”

A portion of art sales will be donated to the Rob Machado Foundation, which teaches gardening in schools and empowers youths to make sustainable choices.

The show opens tomorrow night, February 1, 5:30-8:00 pm. And Todd hopes to see you there.

Here is a small sample of Glaser’s work that will on display and available for purchase.

Seaside Reef, Encinitas, CA

Rob Machado

Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson check the surf

View more Glaser’s photography here.