Crayola currently has 152 colors of Crayons in production. If you were to open up an “Ultimate Crayon Collection Box,” and run your finger across the section of blues, tightly nestled between “Caribbean Blue” and the simply titled “Cerulean,” you’d find “Robin Egg Blue,” and that’s the color of the water at BSR Surf Ranch’s wavepool.

SURFER Photo Editor Grant Ellis recently took a trip to the wild wild west of Waco, Texas with Jake Marshall, Torrey Meister and Jackson Butler. Between working on his own air and barrel games and forever losing a GoPro to the pool’s robin egg blue depths, he managed to assemble a gallery of photos of the man-made wave machine and its incredibly air conducive boost ramp.

Check out Marshall, Meister, Butler and BSR’s own chief wave consultant Cheyne Magnusson coloring outside of Waco’s lines in the gallery above, all photos by Ellis. And if you haven’t already, watch SURFER’s “Wish You Were Here: Waco” video edit of the session here.