Ask anyone who has spent many a winter on the North Shore and they’ll tell you that this has been a strange season. Funky swell directions and funkier winds have had even the most on-the-pulse surfers scratching their heads wondering where the hell to paddle out. Much of the time, the answer was nowhere. But that’s not to say there hasn’t been the odd gem at Pipe, or Waimea, or any number of breaks that experienced an all-too-fleeting window of perfection. Below, we’ve corralled some of the best images from the season thus far, showing that even when Hawaii season is a bit out of sorts, it can still deliver moments of pure glory.

Insanities. Photo by Taras

Cory Lopez. Photo by Keoki

Ivan Florence. Photo by Frieden

Josh Kerr. Photo by Ellis

Kiron Jabour. Photo by Ridenour

Balaram Stack. Photo by Ridenour

Adrian Buchan. Photo by Moran

Conner Coffin. Photo by Moran

Mikey Wright. Photo by Glaser

Soli Bailey. Photo by Ellis

Ethan Ewing. Photo by Moran

Sebastian Zietz. Photo by Ridenour

Torrey Meister. Photo by Rickyrk

Zeke Lau. Photo by Foley

Torrey Meister: Photo by Lazerwolf

Brett Barley. Photo by Taras

Gabriel Medina. Photo by Frieden

[Mantle image: John Florence. Photo by Frieden]>/em>