The first weeks of December were marked by a low, simmering heat, with brilliant moments popping up each day along the Seven-Mile Miracle. While shifting winds and large tide swings caused spots to turn on and off at a moment's notice, the unpredictability made for uncrowded moments and spontaneous sessions. Thiago Camarao, bracing for impact. Photo: Frieden

Title Image: Jay Davies, Photo by Noyle; Edit Photo: Dave Wassel, Photo by Glaser; Filmer: Blaine

Kolohe Andino, Backdoor mic drop. Photo: Glaser

Kelly Slater and Kai Lenny dive in for a quick one. Photo: Glaser

Kelly Slater chose a few opportune moments to make an appearance. When Backdoor began flaring last week, Slater snuck out and into an absolute beauty. Photo: Glaser

Even at mortal-size, the North Shore will take its toll on a visiting quiver. Nat Young, mourning another loss. Photo: Glaser

After spending the fall getting spit out of cold, muddy brown barrels up and down the North Carolina coast, Brett Barley looked loose and limber in some warm Hawaiian cylinders.
Photo: Frieden

Barron Mamiya has earned quite the reputation these last few winters, looking far more comfortable in heavy surf than most his age. Here's Mamiya,
cool and casual. Photo: Frieden

Sebastian Zietz. Photo: Glaser

On a small day at Off The Wall, Jackson Dorian was overheard asking his dad across the lineup, “Do you want to go to Backdoor?” as a set of head-high cylinders peeled off down the beach. Now that’s a question any dad must love hearing. Photo: Glaser

Shane and Jackson Dorian heading back from a playful session with Uncle Kelly. Photo: Glaser

Nothing says Hawaiian winter quite like a blazing Sunny Garcia bottom turn at Backdoor.
Photo: Frieden

Shane Borland, finding his window. Photo: Ellis

Dane Gudauskas, gutting a Rocky Point left. Photo: Ellis

Young Seth Moniz standing tall at Off the Wall during one of the month's most gorgeous evening sessions. Photo: Ellis

Unidentified, stomping through the bowl at Off The Wall. Photo: Ellis

Unidentified in a dusk drainer at Off The Wall. Photo: Ellis

Alex and Koa Smith have been powering the North Shore's at their Sunrise Shack, a little stand serving delicious bulletproof coffee and other tasty treats. When he isn't behind the counter, Alex has been burning of that caffeine and those good fats with hooks like this one. Photo: Ellis

Bert Krak gives Jack Freestone something to remember the winter by. Photo: Noyle

One afternoon last week, Italo Ferreira paddled out at Off The Wall and proceeded to flare out airs like this over and over again. By the time he left the water, the balconies and front yards of every house were lined with some of the sport's best, glad to have a front row seat for the Italo Show. Photo: Ellis

A beautiful drop-wallet jam from Conner Coffin. Photo: Catalano

Dylan Graves, keeping his head above water and below the lip. Photo: Catalano

North Shore rush hour. Photo: Catalano

Koa Rothman, letting it all wash over him. Photo: Noyle

Herbie Fletcher. Photo: Noyle

Mikala Jones has been dialing in beautiful tuberiding boards with his brother, Daniel. Mikala, on a successful test run. Photo: Noyle

Jack Robinson has spent more time in the water, bouncing from Pipe to Backdoor to Off The Wall, than almost anyone this season. Photo: Noyle

Dane Reynolds, Rocky Point. Photo: Frieden

Parker Coffin, tossing one over a Log Cabins lip. Photo: Gehr

Brent Dorrington, just getting under a very big, blue lip. Photo: Noyle

Young gun Lucas Godfrey is a below-radar ripper, and one of the most impressive unsponsored talents wowing the North Shore right now. Photo: Noyle

Keeping a watchful eye on the scene from Billabong's Off The Wall residence, Joel Parkinson has slipped out at just the right moments, bagging barrels like this whenever
the opportunity presents itself. Photo: Noyle

John John's World Title has meant the world to his hometown, and the young King has been lavished with love and begged for selfies each and everytime he's strolled down the beach. Here, JJF enjoys a quiet stroll home after one of dozens of inspired performances he's put in since his homecoming. Photo: Ellis

As if the flaring pits and fiery sunsets weren't enough, a pack of cave dwellers have been lighting their way through Pipe and Backdoor tunnels with Lume Cubes. Photo: Catalano