Christian Fletcher

"This shot is so interesting because it's old as hell—just look at the colors of that wetsuit—yet he's doing an Indy, which was way ahead of its time. Even today, not many people can do straight airs like Christian did them back then: raw, fast and big. I've always loved those styled-out airs. When you see someone do an air that looks completely different to the way most surfers would approach it, that's when you know they have good style. Fletcher has been a big influence on me and I try to throw a cheeky backside 360 slide or a frontside 270 now and again because of him."

Tom Curren

"I just remember seeing this when I was a kid and thinking it was as good a barrel as anyone can get—so deep, on such a big wave, and it's Tom Curren! I was so into Searching for Tom Curren when I was a kid, and there was something about the fact that he was from California, getting the best Backdoor barrel ever, that was really inspiring. Not to mention his stance on the foam ball is so stylish—just a ninja crouch. I also love the angle, because you can see what's going on in the barrel. If it had been shot straight on, you wouldn't even know what Tom was doing in there. His soul-arch fade when he comes out is so rad, too. It's such a strange little celebration—so much character."

Rob Machado

"There are so many surf photos where the wave or maneuver are just crazy, or over the top, or so over-stimulating that you kind of get numb to them. The photos that really stick in my mind are the awkward moments, because they stand apart and you wonder, 'How the hell did someone get into that position?' This image of Rob at J-Bay is kind of an in-between moment, but it's really interesting-looking. He's just doing a basic turn, but he's going really fast and his body is all twisted up. You almost can't tell which hand is which, or if what looks like his hand is actually his foot. It's very unusual, and I think I can kind of relate to it as a fellow lanky goofyfooter. I also love how clean his track is on the face; it really complements the wave."

Gerry Lopez

"In my opinion, this is the most iconic image of style ever, which is why it's my favorite photo of all time. There isn't a water droplet out of place, and I love the way those classic Hawaiian trade winds are fanning the spray. Because of the beautiful contrast in the image, my guess is that it was taken during afternoon light. Gerry's style and poise look as effortless as it gets, even on a wave that would make others look very much the opposite. Simply put, there isn't a more iconic wave than Pipeline, or a more iconic surfer than Gerry. Maybe Mark Richards, but I've got a goofyfoot bias."

Tom Curren

"One of my favorite photos of all time would be the one of Tom Curren doing a cutback on a stickerless board with yellow rails. To me, that photo is surfing in its purest form: fast, clean, powerful and graceful."