A flurry of swell activity around South Africa sent charger Grant "Twiggy" Baker on a nation-wide strike mission for two weeks, pooling his knowledge of the 1,500-mile coastline with the country's panoramic swell exposure to surf peeling walls and hollow barrels in seclusion. "With forecasting as good as it is, I’m on call for ten or so waves around the coast that are the best I've found in 20 years," Baker says. "We traced the swell from one coast to another, starting in the west, and essentially charted the circumference of the whole coastline. It was a world-class two weeks. I didn't even need to leave home." Opening photo: Fox. Above & subsequent photos: Gumby.

"We caught the swell at Jeffrey's Bay out of the east," says Baker. "I enjoy J-Bay on these type of east swells. It doesn’t get as perfect as the long period west swell, but what it does do is become more peaky, and a lot more hollow, because the swell comes straight onto the point. It's more difficult to ride, but the barrels - thicker, wider - are worth it." Photos: Lategan

"Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world and probably has the best waves for any major city as well," says Baker. "I'm a partner in a few bars and restaurants in the city and always like to stop by in-between trips and have a good time at night and a few barrels during the day." Photos: Fox

"From there, I went to the Durban swell, which was one of the best we’ve had in a long time. When the swell is like this, the three piers turn into three different peaks, each with its own personality. Smaller and perfect from the south, hollower and larger to the north - take your pick. Whatever you choose, it can get rippy out in the lineup. It takes a lot of skill to swim here. The rip pulls with a force that's comparable to Backdoor or Puerto. But how could you pass up the opportunity when the waves are this good?" Photo: Bailey

Photo: Patterson