Huntington Beach

There’s nothing quite like a summer south swell in Southern California. The blistering heat, the throbbing masses huddled under umbrellas and either thickly caked with sunblock or brisket red with sunburn, flailing in the temperate waters on soft tops. But amidst the madness and mayhem, moments of bliss abound, like those many a Huntington Beach local found over the weekend, nabbing bomb after northside bomb. Photo: Ginsberg


Carissa Moore found plenty to play with at home in San Clemente, with Lowers turning all-time for days on end. Photo: Kothlow


There’s no better amphitheater for carnage than Newport Beach’s dirty ol’ Wedge on pumping south swells. With throngs of skimmers, boogies, bodyboarders, and soft tops clogging the mutant lineup, the weekend was punctuated not by the standard back- and neck-breaking wipeouts, but by a spectacular Jet Ski crash and subsequent rescue that set the internet ablaze. Photo: Coleman


Jason Rhodes, The Wedge. Photo: Ginsberg


John Mel, The Wedge. Photo: Ginsberg


Tyler Gunter, The Wedge. Photo: Ginsberg


John Mel, blending in. Photo: Carey


Christian Fletcher. Photo: Carey


Ryland Rubens, letting it all hang out in San Diego. Photo: Evans


Unidentified, somewhere south of Point Conception. Photo: Carey


Unidentified. Photo: Coleman


Ben Cardoza, high and tight in the corner pocket at Doheny. Photo: Coleman


Malibu pumped all weekend, with sets kissing the bottom of the pier and locals saying they hadn’t seen it as big since the historic session during Hurricane Marie. Tom Rezvan, committed. Photo: Coleman


With lines wrapping from First Point all the way through to the pier, you couldn’t drag Jared Mell away from Malibu. On a self-shaped Involvement log and Neil Purchase Jr. duo, Mell spent the weekend styling his way down the point, doing endless, exhausting laps. Photo: Bush


A beautiful summer sight: Allen Sarlo, the King of Malibu, shooting the pier just a few weeks back from knee surgery. Welcome back, Sarlo. Photo: Stevens


Sam Tucker, letting it fly at ‘Bu. Photo: Coleman


Troy Mothershead’s known for his stoic, stylish logging, but the kid’s got a hell of a quiver of non-traditional shortboards that look like magic under his feet, especially at places like Malibu. Photo: Stevens


Justin Adams, jiving on a teardrop pintail at Malibu. Photo: Coleman