The Mattson 2 To Play 2016 SURFER Awards

California jazz cats to provide the night's swinging soundtrack

SURFER is, um, jazzed to announce that Los Angeles twin brother duo, the Mattson 2, will provide the soundtrack to the world of surf’s Big Night Out, as the house band for next week’s SURFER Awards.

The Mattson 2, with Jared Mattson on Guitar and loops and Jonathan Mattson on the Drums, made their surf world debut on the grooved-out, drifty surf film soundtracks of Thomas Campbell, who signed the band to his then-label, Galaxia Records. The group have released a handful of remarkable jazz albums, as well as collaborations with the likes of skateboarding legend and jazz guitar virtuoso, Ray Barbee.

“It’s an honor to get recognition for the sounds we have contributed to surfing culture over the years, and I think scoring an event like SURFER Awards is the very pinnacle of the music and surf dynamic,” says Jared. “We’ve never avidly tried to create surf music, but the music we compose has been a product of our environment and that has resonated with many different types of people, including surfers (about which we are delighted). It makes sense, because our music is instrumental and people can create their own narratives with it. Kudos to SURFER for seeing the value in being adventurous and pushing the envelope by having us score the whole experience! This will definitely be a kind of ‘late-night TV/experimental/improvised/performance art’ kind of synthesis! I hope that people attending enjoy. We want people to see the importance that live musical composition plays in any type of experience! Oh, and yes…please dance!”

You can livestream The SURFER Awards on Tuesday, December 6, beginning at 9PM PST.