Help Save Puerto Rico’s Waves

Why must development always come at the cost of our oceanic playground?

We’ve seen it in Australia, Indonesia, even at home in the good ol’ U.S. of A. It’s always the same story: rich investor wants to get richer, has a million dollar idea to develop a coastal region, local community succumbs due to economic and political pressures. Now Puerto Rico is facing these same dollar-minded mega-douches, this time under the monicker of the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort. As if that Italian super-explorer hasn’t already stolen enough land!


At the moment, Puerto Ricans are in a political battle to preserve their lands at Playuela, a beach and estuary that houses four of Puerto Rico’s premier surf breaks, including Wilderness and Wishing Well. The proposed construction would consume 121 acres of the untouched land, thus destroying ecosystems in both land and sea. On top of that, the hotel would create break-walls to ensure a year-round sandy beach for its visitors — something that has been proven to destroy surf breaks across the world.

A cause we can get behind. Photo: Jimmicane

Local surfers such as Dylan Graves are pushing hard to deter to development process and preserve his home in the process. To learn more about this cause or to offer your support, click here or spread the word about a protest. 12:00pm, this Saturday (November 19th) at Aguadilla Plaza.

ATTENTION/ ATENCIÃ"N I am typically not vocal about anything. Except usually waves . But is time to rise up Puerto Rico!!! What's happening with the Mega Project that is the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort is alarming. Biggest casino in the Caribbean? in Playuela? Be sure you know exactly what they are proposing!!! I am all in favor of more jobs in the area, but not at the cost of an environmentally sensitive area home to 3 endangered species of coral that's on top of a subterranean aquifer!!! Having massive ecological value and a natural source of water (essential to life). Not to mention there is no guarantee that this will be a successful business with jobs people can rely on. And what then??? No jobs, a beautiful nature reserve/ natural resource destroyed and the rich filing for bankruptcy and getting richer (most likely scenario if you look at all the facts). Take some time and scroll through @movimientoplayuela FB page and @rescateplayasborinquen FB page and be sure to spread the word so that the public aquí en Puerto Rico are well informed and can make educated decisions moving forward. This is a serious matter that will have a huge environmental impact on the area and has potential to affect the entire island/ other areas in the Caribbean if they go through with the project exactly as proposed. I know there are a lot of pressing matters happening worldwide but please help put a stop to this savage capitalism and preserve this environmentally sensitive area via educating the public 🙂 Normalmente no soy vocal sobre nada. Hasta que sale un set . ¡Pero es hora de levantar Puerto Rico !!! Lo que está sucediendo con el Mega Proyecto que es el Cristóbal Colón de Aterrizaje Resort es alarmante. ¿El casino más grande del Caribe? En Playuela? Asegúrese de saber exactamente lo que están proponiendo! Estoy a favor de más trabajo en la nuestra área, pero no a costa de una zona sensible al medio ambiente que hospede a 3 especies de coral en peligro de extinción y que se encuentra encima de un acuífero subterráneo. Tiene un valor ecológico masivo y un aquifero subterránea. Sin mencionar que no hay garantía de que esto será un negocio exitoso con trabajo

A photo posted by Dylan Graves (@dylangraves) on Nov 15, 2016 at 4:18pm PST

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