Are you smarter than a sixth grader?

Last year, SURFING’s Google Earth Challenge was won by a 12 year-old from San Francisco. He wasn’t even a computer dweeb – just a curious little ripper brought up in the digital age. Too easy.

Luckily, with the help of Nike 6.0, we get to play this game every year (and so do you). Once we open the gates, you get to use some Google PhD’s software to treasure-hunt new surf. Once all the entries are in, an expert panel picks the winners and all systems are go. Last year, you found a firing pointbreak in remote Mexico. Before that, it was the world’s longest lefthand tube in Africa. This time it could be a reef or a river-mouth, off a US state or an Antarctic ice floe. Anywhere you can Google, we can go. Rev your search engines: the Google Earth Challenge 4.0 is on.


Enjoy the highlights from the Google Earth Challenge 3

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