Billabong ASP World Junior Championships


Highlights from the two best heats of the event so far

Guys heat of the day: Round One, Heat 9
Owen Wright, Clay Marzo, Ryan Callinan

Australian man-child Owen Wright took first over Maui kid Clay Marzo, and VZ trials winner Ryan Callinan in small surf. After a third place finish on the 'QS, Wright seems ready for a Jr. World Championship. If you've never seen a tall man shred small waves, check it out.

Girls' heat of the day: Round Three, Heat 5
Alessa Quizon, Bethany Hamilton

Sixteen-year-old Alessa Quizon knocked out last year's event runner-up, and fellow Hawaiian, Bethany Hamilton, 19, in their round three showdown. Quizon will face Malia Manuel in the quarter-finals.

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