Curren, Curran, Kieran and Cory


Coldwater Classic Day 2 Wrap Up

By Matt Skenazy

Tom Curren sat on a log by himself. Black wetsuit, black singlet. The dark knight. He walked out to the point, got in the water and sat. For 21 minutes. With four minutes left in his heat, he hadn't caught a wave. But Tom's not that old. He only needed a 5.1.

A little walled-up wave banked against the cliff at the slot and he was on it. A 3.something—not enough. The 1990 Coldwater Classic champion paddled back out, needing another wave. He wasn't in position for another wave. He shouldn't have caught another wave. But one sprung up where there hadn't been waves all morning and he carved it like it was the 1990's, dare I say Curren-esque, and got the score he needed to move on. Barely.

"I knew I didn't need much," Curren said. "It was a low scoring heat, and I was just hopeful for a set."

Curren hasn't surfed in a contest in around a year, but his daughter is in town, and he figured he'd call Ratboy and give it a shot. He got the green light at the last minute.

Other highlights:

· Kieran Horn is pulling double duty, surfing like a man possessed and running the O'Neill booth by the stairs. Work, work, work. Fighting the close-knit pack against the cliff, he sliced his way to first in his heat.

"High tide at the Lane is always a challenge," Horn said, "It's a battle at the slot, but if you know where to sit, you can get some good ones."

Horn is the lone local left in the event.

· Adriano de Souza is ranked third in the world. On paper the best surfer in the contest. But that's paper, and the crowd wanted proof despite his recent win in Spain. His first wave came, and we all held our breath. Prove it, we said. The first turn he cracked off the top was the best one yet of the competition. A power gauge layback-thing usually only seen in free surfs and surf videos. A 7.1 for essentially one turn. Okay, point taken.

· Last Year's Coldwater Classic Champion Nat Young was knocked out of his first heat of the competition by Granger Larsen and some last minute heroics (there's a theme developing here) by Nathaniel Curran.

· Cory Lopez advanced on a wave in the final ten seconds of his heat (told you).

· And 'CT stalwart Timmy Reyes posted one of the highest heat totals of the day with a 17.83 out of 20.

There were rumors of a 100-foot Saturday floating around the contest area. Who knows, maybe we'll see guns and ski-assists, the Nor Cal answer to this summer's U.S. Open. Stay tuned to or follow it live tomorrow morning on the O'Neill webcast.

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