Island of Earthly Delights


A contest we’d actually like to go to

Bali: What comes to mind?

Surfing in t-shirts. Famous people. Flashy houses with pools and paper walls. Surfing’s closest thing to a Hollywood production set.


Magic mushroom milkshakes, bottomless drinks, street-walking ladies (and non-ladies), bad tattoos, dangerous mopeds, vacationers out of their minds on something potent. Etcetera.

We’re not partial to that sort of nasty behavior, and of course, neither are the rich, young, good-looking Western males invited to the Oakley Pro Junior in Bali this week. They just want to huck enormous airs and win $40,000  and save themselves for marriage. Last year, some of the best surfing anywhere in any age group went down at this contest, with Dusty Payne taking the win. Enjoy a recap in the clip below. Who knows what’s going on there in 2009, in the water and after dark?

Probably nothing.

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