If Luke Gordon will be there, you can guarantee that fins will be thrown. And Luke Gordon will be there. Photo: Rip Curl

The day has come! Rev up your new-age typewriters, cause the Rip Curl From Search National Finals begin at 8 AM PST. You can find the live webcast here. Now, onto some Passion Picks.

Tomorrow the best 16-and-under kids in the nation will storm Seaside Reef for the Rip Curl Grom Search National Finals. A great option to throw on your laptop for double screening during a full day of college football. Multiple groms in this event will eventually crack it onto the CT and you can say, I remember when I watched that kid in the Gromsearch at Seaside, now he/she is a World Champion.

Here are my picks for the win in each division:

Girls 16/Under
I have great confidence in saying Caroline Marks is the best female talent since Carissa Moore. On our Grom Games trip in August, she actually outsurfed her peers, who were all of the opposite sex. When she stands up on a surfboard, it just goes. I would be disappointed if she doesn't eventually win at least one World Title, so a 2016 Grom Search Championship is just another check mark along the way.

Boys 12/Under
This is a tough one because I've yet to watch many of these kids surf, but one I have seen quite a bit of, is Jett Schilling. When a 12 year old is already making more money than the average full grown adult in Southern California, that speaks to their talent level. Goofy footers love their lefts and that's what Seaside Reef is all about. Jett will be tough to beat.

Boys 14/Under
Heat 3 is absolutely stacked with Nick Marshall, Taro Watanabe, Ocean Macedo and Sage Tutterow. Anyone who makes it through will be battle tested for the finals, but I'm going to roll with Nick Marshall for the win. He's literally grown up at this beach and should be able to pick the lights out of any 25 minute heat window. I've never seen a kid who catches so many waves.

Boys 16/Under
It's a big day for Luke Gordon. His main sponsor is hosting this event and his college football team is being hosted by Florida State directly following the award ceremony. I predict Luke to elevate his game taking the W, and then emotionally spike back down as the Noles roll, taking their 5th straight win in Tallahassee against the #3 ranked Clemson Tigers.