The Kids Are Alright

The 'QS takes a day off, and the Oakley Pro Jr. starts at Waddell Creek

By Matt Skenazy

Somewhere north of Santa Cruz, past strawberry fields and pumpkin patches and a run down cement factory, is Waddell Creek. We could be back in Canada if you didn't know better. It is definitely not The Lane. There are huge, crumbling cliffs of shale, and hills carpeted in trees. But a mushy waist-high beach break is not a head-high point. Like I said, it is not The Lane.

The 'QS was put on hold for the day, so it was up to the kids in the Oakley Pro Jr. to scratch through the waves out at Waddell. After two days of good surf and sunny skies, today was kind of a letdown, but it didn't stop the groms from going off.

Defending CWC winner Nat Young, 18, who lost out yesterday in his first heat of the main event, looked like he had a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. Obviously the pressure is now off.

"I would have liked to do better yesterday," Young said post-heat, "but now I can relax and just focus on the juniors."

Young sat to the south end of the contest area as the tide dropped and picked off two of the better rights of the day, cracking his way to 14.83 points and a seat in the round of 16.

Kolohe Andino used a last minute wave, twice, to advance out of both of his heats today, and Luke Davis advanced to the round of 16 despite an interference call that cut his second score in half.

Other notables advancing were Oakley Pro Jr. points leader Dillon Perillo, along with Andrew Doheny, Evan Geiselman, and Cory Arrambide.

The forecast isn't good for tomorrow, but there will be a 7:30am call at The Lane to determine whether or not the contest will run, and then another call at 1:00pm as the tide drops. But come this weekend, get ready. Peter Mel has already made the call from the contest booth that Saturday will be the biggest surf the Coldwater Classic has ever seen.

Here are a few things to chew on while you wait for the restart of the men's 6-Star Prime O'Neill Coldwater Classic…

Blake Thornton, the current leader in the Coldwater Classic Series rankings, was knocked out yesterday in the round of 96. Glenn Hall, another contender for the $50,000 prize, was knocked out as well. That leaves Jarrad House and Adam Melling—currently ranked second and fourth respectively—to battle it out for the prize. Assuming they can get through their first heats. But don't ever assume.

Tom Curren won the Coldwater in 1990 (Jordy was two, and John John wasn't born yet, just for reference). I haven't done the research, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that if he wins this year, it'll be the biggest time gap in victories the CWC has ever seen. First he has to get through a grown-up Jordy, and the rest of the stacked field at The Lane.


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