At first, the image of Metallica’s lead guitarist blazing through the barrel flashing devil’s horns had us laughing so hard we got whiplash. But this ain’t no joke: Kirk Hammett really surfs. The bad news is now Hammett has to figure out how to squeeze in some sessions as the band headlines the Summer Sanitarium Tour with The Deftones and Limp Bizkit. The good news — especially for fans of the speed metal icons’ early work — is that Metallica’s new record, St. Anger, is out June 10 and, according to Kirk, “The aggression and the speed are definitely there.” For more slick riffs from Hammett’s recent headbanging session with music editor Tim Donnelly, you’ll have to read the July issue of SURFING magazine, but with Hammett now “Riding the Lightning Bolt” we put together a list of future song ideas you might expect from the band.