If… Bianca Buitendag

IMG_9253Photo: Peter Taras

Bianca Buitendag // Age: 20 // Years on WCT: 02 // Best Finish: 08 // Career WCT Victories: 00

If you had a dollar for every time someone mispronounced your last name… I would be paid for my own entertainment.

If you could have any superpower it would be…To be able to breathe under water.

If you had to name your biggest rival on tour… There are 17!

If you had to name a guy on the 'CT you think you surf better than… The injury wildcard? But only if he is still injured.

If you're not surfing, you're probably… Reading or doing college work. I'm currently studying for my bachelor of science in finance and accounting management online.
2Q3Z5546Photo: Peter Taras

If you were a regularfoot… I would probably miss out on a lot (since I would probably never leave J-Bay).

If you lived in San Clemente… It's an idea that floats around. I would be awestruck by the American enterprise and culture of consumerism.

If you could change one thing about your appearance… If I could, I wouldn't.

If you could create your perfect wave… We are left-deprived in South Africa, so anything that isn't a right — or a closeout.

If you could change one thing about South Africa… The justice system, and leave no room for corruption.

If you and Coco Ho had a reality TV show… It would be interesting. We have quite a big length difference, so we probably wouldn't both fit on the TV screen.

IMG_9212Photo: Peter Taras

If you grew up when your mother was growing up… Surfing would be considered a sin in my conservative culture; I would probably never leave my town, let alone the country; I would have 2.4 children, an extremely routine weekly schedule, and retire at age 60.

If you could create your perfect man… He already exists, perfect in his imperfection.

If Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad went on a boat trip… Jesus wouldn't need a boat; he would be the only one walking on water.