If…CJ Hobgood

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Age: 34
Years on WCT: 16
Best finish: 1 (2001)
Career WCT Victories: 2

If you didn't have a twin brother...I might not be on tour.
If you never won a world title...Life would have been easier. For a while, that was the only thing people knew me for and it was difficult to overcome.
If you could surf one heat anywhere against anyone...I'd surf against my brother at firing Restaurants.
If you could live anywhere in the world…Florida, because it made me who I am.
If Publix were in California...They'd be broke as a joke because nobody would go. The grocery stores in California are amazing.
If you could add another stop to the tour...I'd love to see one on the East Coast. The Outer Banks in September would work.
If you could remove a stop from tour...I only get to take off one? [laughs] Bells.
If you were 20 years old again...I'd make more mistakes so that I could learn more from them.
If you could meet anyone, alive or dead…It'd have to be Jesus. He's the most polarizing figure in human existence.
If your daughter could be anything when she grows up...It changes every day. One minute it's a tennis player, then it's a figure skater. As long as she's happy and finds a good guy that treats her right, I'm stoked.
If you could be front row at any concert...I'd see Nirvana when Kurt Cobain was still alive. That guy was like Andy -- he was taken from us way too early.