Pat O’Connell, Clown For Hire, Crusty Inc.
“A long time ago I got tagged as this happy-go-lucky guy, always laughing and making people smile. So, I probably would have just taken it to the logical extreme and make a little profit off of it. Patsy the Clown or something like that. They’d abuse me at kids’ birthday parties for a while, but then I’d get the last laugh. I’d find a way to make clowns cool again and get my own show on Nickelodeon.”

Cory Lopez, Construction Worker
“I’m into building things, always have been. So, if I didn’t make it on the pro sportfishing tour, I’d probably be a contractor, putting up new homes or something. It’d probably give you a pretty good sense of accomplishment, turning a plot of dirt into someone’s palace.”

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