November ’06 Photo Issue: The Best Shots of the Year

Check out SURFING’s new December 2006 issue. The newest issue includes:

Behind the scenes of a photo trip.
By Nathan Myers

My Favorite Photo
Our top shooters Shine light of their dimonds

Radio Slave
Remote flashes, grom abuse and other modern photography techniques.
By Travis Ferre

Photo Finish
Our finest photos, just for you.


Flash servants, grom abuse and other modern photo techniqes. Check out Dusty Payne, Tanner Gudauskas, Andrew Doheny, Granger Larsen, Zeke Lau, and Aaron Swanson ripping Indo.

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Five surfing lensmen display their proudest photo moments.

<—Listen to the commentary here.

"Steady as she goes" Jon Rose talks us through his dirtbike adventure from San Diego to Cabo in the SURFING LIGHTBOX.

<–SURFING Lightbox with Jon Rose coming soon.

Sparta’s bombing guitars and passionate volcals collide like a thunder clap.

<—Full interview coming soon

With every issue, a few photos make it onto the web for you to download. Check out our wallpaper section to get the latest.

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How to surf salt creek with Pat O’Connell.

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Footage from the Taylor Steele’ s upcoming film on Taj, Parko and Andy.

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