DIY: On Tour

Nate Yeomans
Nate Yeomans, enjoying the view between heats in West Oz. Photo: Corey Wilson

NATE: Not having a main sponsor was really unexpected, so at first it was a total downer. But I still have really good sponsors [Oakley, Body Glove, Cobian] that are helping me out. Most of all, I'm taking advantage of being able to surf for a living. There is really good money to be made at surf contests these days. I did that Bud Light Lime contest in Oceanside and made $2,000 in three days. That's, like, what doctors make. The sponsor thing sucked but I'm still out there doing what I love doing. Some people work their whole lives for one trip to go somewhere like Brazil. And at the end of the day, we make money going on trips to Brazil. So to say the tour's a grind -- f–k that -- it's a fairy tale. A grind is sucking poop out of a Porta Potty.