DIY: Produce A Movie

Conner Coffin
Conner and Parker Coffin. Photo: Carey

Conception: My brother [Parker] and I had wanted to do a short film project for a while, and then this SURFING trip came up with a sick crew going to Indo and we were like, "Shit, let's try and do this."

Filmers: We do everything with Ryan Perry. I trust his creativity and know that given the right opportunity he can really flourish. But we also wanted more than one angle, so we brought Clay's filmer, Adam Klevin.

Finance: You go to your sponsors and you're like, "We want to do this film, can you give us 10 grand?" [Laughs] And they're kinda like, "Um, no thanks." We spent a lot of money doing this trip, but I feel like it's going to pay off. For us, having my brother, Ryan, and Tom [Carey], we all want to go on surf trips for the right reasons, so it's like, "Let's capture it."

Planning: Ryan, Parker and I sat down before we left and said, "OK, here's what we want to get. Ryan's shooting from land because we know he won't miss shit, and Adam will be the second angle..." We wrote down a shot list. We also interviewed everyone, which can be kind of corny, but we gave 'em a beer and talked around a campfire because we wanted it to be real.

Medium: I wanted to do a DVD, but for what it costs, it wouldn't have been worth it. Plus, I think DVDs are going away. Some computers don't even have drives anymore. So we thought it'd be cool to release it on Young Wise Tails and SURFING's site.

Music: We worked with my friends from Santa Barbara on making the soundtrack, and with four days' notice they wrote four songs. We went down to the Hurley recording studio and they banged out four tracks in one day and we were like, "Damn, if you want to do one more, we can use all your music for the soundtrack." So they came up with another song on the spot. Their music gives this project a different feel.

Writing: I've written stuff for SURFING before, but this felt like a bigger deal, a full feature. I was having a hard time starting because I've been so busy. I'd try to write it on a plane and I'd fall asleep. Or I'd get home, be exhausted and just want to be with my family and girlfriend. But when I finally had time to sit down and let it marinate, it came out. I hope it comes out natural and does the trip justice.