February Issue 2010 Surfing Magazine


There is some really bad advice in this issue. There are things that could get you fired, injured, skunked and dumped. There are recommendations that may leave you in poverty, and actions that will earn you a criminal record in most countries. But if there's one thing we know about getting ourselves into those situations, it's that the road there is a hell of a lotta fun. And that's what we're talking about this month: It's time to go surf somewhere new. Take a vacation. Leave some responsibility behind to go shred.

Just to clear something up, we're not telling you to "travel." That's a given. We surf; it's assumed we're all infected with the wanderlust. The allure of new waves and cultures comes with the territory, much like chronic tardiness and public displays of bro-shaking. We know you crave the road; we all do. But we want to remind you that it doesn't have to be a death-defying jungle hunt to be a surf trip. We want you to meet girls, see the sights, and simultaneously get a barrel and a passport stamp from the same country. But mostly, we just want you to take a breather from the life you live at home and online and just relax. We're surfers. We shouldn't be having a bad time just because everyone around us is.

Over the past few months, it's as though our usual ruts have been dug deeper. We're staying home more. Sticking to the local sand peak -- even when we know it's better just over the bridge. We've become creatures of habit. We're having the same conversations on the cliff, sipping the same coffee. We're grumpy and distracted, paddling in early to check our phones. And I think we're doing it to save money or something. It's all quite depressing. We feel it's time to reinvigorate the spirit of youth on the run, to reignite the enthusiasm for a surf trip with friends.

So while we try to dig our way out of the debt we've piled on by traveling through the best years of our lives, we thought we'd show you some stuff we learned along the way. In "You Look Like You Could Use a Vacation" (pg. 80) we give you 15 new ways and reasons to impregnate an airplane with your boardbag. But if carefree isn't your thing right now, if the promise of good times doesn't have you logging on to Orbitz right away, then by all means, keep scratching your way toward a car payment. Keep working through your furlough. Somebody's gotta work. If you need us, we'll be filling out new credit card apps so we can plant ourselves on page 98 of this issue. But don't listen to us. We're bad influences. -- Travis Ferré