If: Freddy Patacchia Jr.

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Freddy Patacchia Photos: Brent Bielmann

If you could play professionally in another sport… I would be a tennis player.
If you could meet anyone in history, alive or dead… Eddie Aikau.
If the world were going to end tomorrow… I would save it from ending.
If the NSA tapped your phone… They would find out how much I talk to telephone psychics. Sad but true.
If you could have any super power… Mind control.
If you're not surfing, you're probably… Gardening.
If Floyd Mayweather challenged you to a situp contest… I'd win!
If you could add another stop to the tour… Pasta Point, Maldives.
If you could remove one stop on tour… Rio, but I would move it to Saquarema.
If growing up on the North Shore taught you one thing… How to stay humble and thankful for what I have and where I come from.
If you were a character in Street Fighter II… I'd be Vega.
If you had to live in one place without surf… I'd die.
If you could give a private surf lesson to anyone on earth… Obama.
If you were a regularfoot… I'd switch to goofy.
If you could change one thing about Hawaii… I would make a law that all rental cars must be hybrids or electric.
If you could create your perfect wave… No wave is perfect — that's what makes surfing so fun.
If you grew up when your grandfather grew up… I'd be a Waikiki beach boy.
If you had one wish… World peace.