Current Issue 22 years old // Sunset Beach, HI

You gotta love them Hos. From Papa Mike to Uncle Derek to brother Mason, Coco has something in common with each of her distinguished relatives: a smile that just won't quit. The Roxy Pro in Biarritz has proved stubborn because the waves…well, there are absolutely none. No storm clouds over Coco's head, though. It's France and Coco knows that every glass of pinot noir is always half-full. At least that's what her brother taught her. Recently, Coco's applying Mason's sunny attitude to her own ambitions on the Women's 'CT. And through some good results and a few tough beats, that cup might eventually runneth over. Or at the least, get topped off by a win. —Beau Flemister

COCO: This is my fifth year on tour and while I haven't gotten all of the results I've wanted, I feel like I'm surfing my best. I think that it's better to lose and feel good about yourself than to get a good result but feel like you're surfing badly. My surfing is still elevating and I'd really like to make more finals. I think it'll all fall into place soon.

I have a little rivalry with Sally [Fitzgibbons]. We qualified the same year and then battled the rest of it. Since then, she's literally gotten me on five buzzer beaters. I'm not kidding, [laughs] there'll be, like, a tenth of a second left and she'll catch one to beat me.

I think that every little sister's goal in life should be to make their family proud, or your big brother proud. It's so fulfilling. Every accomplishment, every good result has stemmed from trying to make them proud. My brother and I are really close. My other friends that have brothers don't get it and tell me that they fight all the time, but I could never say that. He's never really done anything cruel to me. The worst thing he's ever done was tell me that my donut was poisonous so that he could eat it. [laughs]

Since my brother barely ever gets mad, it makes me think that I need to be more like him. It helps me realize that it's a waste of time to be bummed on something, considering the amount of time that we have in this world. That's just how I see it now — half-full, no matter what.