Girl: Dax McGill

McGill's got skills. At the age of 14, Dax McGill is already an accomplished athlete. The tow-headed Hawaiian is not only the youngest person -- male or female -- to win an Under 18 title at the ISA World Junior Games, but also the youngest to claim the coveted NSSA Open Womens title, which she did this past June in Huntington Beach. That's two records in one year. And she's just as fearless on a skateboard as she is in the water. Double-bowl domination. With inspiration from Dane and Carissa, coaching by Riddell and a penchant for speed, McGill's skills -- and winning streak -- show no sign of slowing down. --Caitlin Lawson

Photo: Corey Wilson

DAX: I really look up to Carissa Moore for her aerial game and powerful surfing. On top of that, she's a super amazing person. As far as guys go, I want to surf like Dane Reynolds but win like Kelly Slater. Dane has so much creativity in his surfing, but it seems like Kelly never loses!

Right now I'm focusing on doing well in some Junior Pros and I would love to win another [ISA] Worlds - it would be cool to win two in a row. I have a couple of coaches that I work with: Dave Riddell, who has been my mentor since I was 8 years old when he picked me up on Volcom, and Jason Shibata, who took me to Panama and helped me win my gold at the World Games.

Other than surfing, I really like to skateboard. I go to Camp Woodward every year just to take a break from surfing and to get my skating skills back. I enjoy bowl skating and vert skating. It's so fun to go fast and get up in the air. Sometimes I fall, but sometimes I make it -- which makes it feel that much better.