Girl: Nikki Van Dijk

17 Years Old// Philip Island, Australia

Even girls from frigid Philip Island, Australia, know the power of a good bikini. When young Nikki Van Dijk won the World Pro Junior title in Bali this year, she not only smashed the competition, she looked good doing it. So what do you want to know? Her favorite video is Modern Collective. Her favorite surfer is Dane. Hey, why is it that women surfers don't aspire to surf like women? "I know," says Nikki. "We all just look up to the guys. We even read the guy magazines. I guess some of them have girl stuff, but it's mostly topless." Mmm, mostly. But not always. --Nathan Myers

Photo: Duncan Macfarlane

NIKKI: "Take off those boardshorts!" That's what my sister always tells me before I paddle out. I mean, for sure you have to wear your good bikinis when you're surfing in front of the cameras. We're girls. We have to act like girls and be pretty. Surfing, being at the beach, wearing's the best life ever.

I don't think I'm ready for a nude photo shoot yet, but I do think it's great that women's surfing is becoming sexy and feminine again. A few years back it was so, um, masculine. You know? But now we're looked at as ladies again. We can be pretty in and out of the water, and still take pride in being top athletes. That's marketable.

Alana [Blanchard]'s making more money than any of the girls on tour, even Steph and Carissa. And she's worth it. She's so good at what she does. And she rips. She just re-qualified for the tour, so it's not just her butt -- she's the full package.