Girl: Silvana Lima

27 Years Old // Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo: Jimmicane

Silvana Lima is a fighter. She may only stand 4'9" on land, but the Brazilian powerhouse seems to double in size once she hits the water. Known for her powerful, progressive surfing, Silvana lands airs that most girls -- and guys -- only dream of doing.

With the help of her two brothers and some broken boards that littered their local beach, Silvana started surfing at 7 years old. By 22 she had qualified for the Women's World Tour and has been ranked in the top 10 ever since.
Unfortunately, a knee injury during the Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks last February has pulled her out of the World Title race this year. But not to worry, Silvana will be back in fighting form soon, using her downtime to analyze her surfing, over and over again, in slow motion. --Caitlin Lawson

SILVANA: The house that I grew up in was also my mom's restaurant. I would find boards broken in half on the beach and try to surf on them. Udo Bastaos, my shaper, finally got me on some good boards and into competition.

My style is really radical. I surf more like the guys. I watch a lot of videos that have airs, watching them a million times in slow motion and analyzing every moment. That is a part of training that has helped me progress a lot. I also do a lot of mental surfing. My time hasn't arrived yet [to win a World Title], but it is very close. I can feel it.
Unfortunately I ended up rupturing my ACL. I had surgery in March and I'm recovering very well through physical therapy and swimming. I'm focusing on coming back better than before, with a big hunger to win. I miss competition so much.

Brazilian surfing has evolved a lot, especially with the help of sponsors. More support leads to more evolution. Brazilians have a lot of pride and heart; we love to cheer for each other. There is a union that is very strong between us.